Consumer Finance

Build Consumer Loyalty and Expand Budget Flexibility

At JNI Commercial Lending, our consumer finance products help businesses launch and manage their credit programs, expanding their client base. Extending consumer credit can bring more customers through your doors and increase consumer loyalty. Find out how we can improve your sales while providing the tools necessary to help you manage your own consumer credit line.

Bringing Businesses and Customers Closer Together

Starting a customer credit program can drastically improve sales and consumer relations. In addition, to helping your business, consumer financing provides conveniences for your clients, including:

  • Simple and fast credit applications
  • Term payment agreements
  • Revolving credit
  • Secure financial transactions

We serve as the bridge between your company and your clients. When you work with our team of experts, we’ll help you establish a stable, secure credit line and show you how to manage it. You’ll receive thorough instruction on how implement training solutions, debt collection and money management programs.

Why Choose JNI Commercial Lending?

We are backed by high-worth investors, allowing us to provide strong credit lines and swift approvals. This added stability allows you to expand your consumer base with confidence, bringing in the revenue your business needs to grow. Schedule a free consultation with one of our trusted team members today, and learn how your business can build customer loyalty and increase profits.