Healthcare Financing

Use Working Capital to Ensure Your Healthcare Facility Operates Safely

Healthcare facilities operate under a unique set of regulations and requirements. While a typical business simply closes its doors if it loses working capital, a closed healthcare facility leaves patients scrambling to find a new practice. Ensure your facility keeps its doors open with healthcare financing from JNI Commercial Lending.

Reasons to Use Financing

Medical facilities can use financing in several ways. Perhaps your practice is already in debt and pays several bills throughout the month. Financing for debt consolidation means you pay one low monthly payment, which is easier to keep track of. You can also use your financing to lease equipment, merge your practice with another one or buy your current partner out of the practice. Many facilities choose to lease equipment as doing so also provides maintenance and repairs as well as updated equipment as necessary.

Benefits of Financing

Working capital loans are available for as much as $250,000. These loans provide several benefits:

  • Never pay an upfront payment
  • Use the money however you see fit
  • Lenders do not report to your personal credit bureaus
  • Repayment terms of up to 72 months
  • Affordable interest rates

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