Franchise Financing

Starting Fresh in an Existing Market

With our franchise financing products, we help new business owners with the costs of entering an established business market. We find the funding for everything from real estate acquisition and construction to equipment and startup capital. Once approved, we get you the funding you need quickly because we understand the fast pace world of franchise development.

Simple Terms, Quick Financing

At JNI Commercial Lending, we strive to provide convenient terms and low-cost financing. Based on your goals and credit standing, we can propose a financing structure that gets the flexibility you need to establish your new franchise and stabilize operations. We work with first-time owners and established businesses to achieve funding goals. Other benefits of franchise financing include:

  • Extra cash-on-hand for unexpected startup costs and working capital
  • Quick approvals and commitments
  • Flexible term agreements
  • High loan-to-value rates

Starting a new franchise comes with many unexpected expenses and road blocks. We provide young franchises with the financial security to tackle issues head on, shielding your business from unrecoverable losses.

Our team of financial experts is waiting to work with you. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how your new franchise can benefit from fast, secured financing. At JNI Commercial Lending, get the startup funding you need to establish and sustain a successful business.