Equipment Financing

Find Financing for New Working Capital

We offer a range of equipment financing options for both new and established businesses. Whether you’re looking for startup capital or increasing production, JNI Commercial Lending can provide the funding required to make confident business investments. We can structure a variety of equipment loans, including sale and lease back programs, finding the right solution for your business.

Securing Startup Capital

As a new business, you need to acquire a significant amount of capital with often limited resources. At JNI Commercial Lending, we extend affordable sale and lease back programs for newly established businesses. In this arrangement, you can sell existing equity that you can then lease back from us. This provides your business with more spending power during the critical startup period.

Additionally, we offer B, C and D credit to those with less than ideal credit standings. This provides a lifeline for new business owners struggling to secure a commercial loan. We will devise a structure that can help your business turn its credit around and reestablish a secure financial standing.

Helping Established Companies Grow

We work with experienced businesses (established for two years or more) to secure financing for working capital investments. Since we have a better understanding of how your company performs, we are able to secure more funding at lower rates. Other conveniences include:

  • Fast application approvals, in as little as 24 hours
  • Little or no money down
  • Flexible payment structures
  • Large ticket and middle market financing

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Some businesses are opting to lease their working capital over financing. There are many benefits to doing so, which why we extend equipment lease financing. In a lease agreement, you can have fixed monthly payments, higher tax advantages, credit line preservation and increased cash-on-hand.

Speak with one of our representatives today to schedule a free consultation. At JNI Commercial Lending, we can help your new or established business achieve its financial and investment goals.