How to Find Leads with a Service-Based Business

Lead generation can seem especially challenging when you have never done it in the past, so here are several actionable tips you can take right away to draw people to your new business.

Join Local and Online Business Organizations

Local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and online groups such those for your specific industry or demographic of business owners can be excellent places to engage in lead generation. Let your fellow group members know you are starting a business and would appreciate any referrals they could give you. When you do the same for them, it’s a friendly way for people in the same business network to help each other grow.

Get a Website as Soon as Possible

These days, few people will take a business seriously if it doesn’t have an online presence. One reason for this is that most people conduct online research about a business long before they order a product or service for the first time or even pay it a visit. However, you should consider outsourcing the task if your primary business isn’t web design. You want it to look professional and inviting, not like something thrown together by an amateur. It’s also important to invest in both online and offline marketing once your website is up and running.

Tap into the Power of Social Media

In addition to expecting businesses to have websites, many consumers look for them to have social media accounts. You can use this to your advantage by creating and maintaining a business account on as many social media platforms as possible. Be sure that someone monitors the account and responds promptly and appropriately to any question or concern. LinkedIn can be especially useful for networking with other business professionals and conducting lead generation.

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