Reasons to Invest in Employee Wellness Programs to Help Your Company

Keeping employees around isn’t always about salary. Improving employee retention goes much deeper than how much you pay someone. It’s about how happy they are in general, their health and well-being and stress levels. Today’s workers who are disengaged with their organization are the ones who will be leaving the job, forcing their employer to replace them which costs money and time. Instead, invest in well-being programs that help your employees be more satisfied on the job.

Healthy Employees Have Lower Health Costs

Employees who are less stressed, who eat healthy and who have time to exercise generally incur less health costs than their counterparts. This can help generate savings on healthcare.

Happy Employees Are More Productive

Research demonstrates a link between physical activity and brain function. Promoting health not only benefits employee retention, it makes your staff work harder and to be more productive.

Wellness Programs Lead to Behavior Changes

Changing the culture of a workplace is very difficult. A wellness program supports this change by being a constant reminder. It’s not a one-off training that people can forget about. It is support every day for all employees. Some wellness programs can tailor resources to a specific employee’s need through the technology available.

You Get Important Information  

Your wellness program can give you valuable information about the underlying causes of stress in your community and your business. You get real-time data about the health of employees in your organization, which can tell you a great deal about your employee culture. This can help with onboarding and employee retention by correcting matters before they blow up in your face.

Incentives for businesses

You may have tax advantages for taking part in a workplace wellness program. Your health insurer may offer a discount.

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